If you’re a K-Drama fan, you probably squealed in delight when you found out that Suzy & Lee Dong Wook, two of the most popular and covetable stars in South Korea, confirmed that they were dating. Everybody believed that those cheesy yet addicting romance scenes that made us all feel warm & fuzzy all over vì chưng come true in real life. But sad to say, that just might not be the case. At least for these two. In true Korean entertainment industry style, the breakup was announced via their respective agencies. Korean stars rarely talk about their love lives in interviews. They also can’t be seen together in public, but they get caught in paparazzi style photos that push their agencies to make official confirmations.

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On July 2, however, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the two actors had ended their romantic relationship. The agency stated, “It’s true that has broken up with Lee Dong Wook. Because they both had busy schedules, it was difficult for them to meet, and they naturally ended up going their separate ways.” Lee Dong Wook’s agency King Kong by Starship similarly confirmed, “It’s true that Lee Dong Wook và Suzy have broken up. They naturally grew apart as they became busier.”

But who else were confirmed or rumored to lớn have dated Suzy & Lee Dong Wook? Here’s an intriguing list:


Suzy was a member of a popular girl group called Miss A before they disbanded and focused on their individual careers. But even before she ventured into dramas, Suzy was considered as the most popular member due khổng lồ her many talents & stunning looks. She was often called as the nation’s ideal girl, and her girl-next-door image earned her one of the most sought after stars of brands and advertising companies.

Lee Min Ho

With Suzy’s popularity on the rise, it wasn’t long before she was rumored to lớn be dating another famous K-Drama actor, Lee Min Ho. Both confirmed their relationship and celebrated their two-year anniversary in an exclusive các buổi party in Seoul, with close celebrity friends as their guests. Lee Min Ho & Suzy, accompanied by his manager, were spotted out & about in Seoul and in London on March 23, 2015. They confirmed their dating status shortly after. But unfortunately, after two & a half years, they called it quits for “personal reasons.”


Sung Joon

Way before she dated Lee Min Ho, Suzy was rumored lớn have dated another heartthrob, model and actor Sung Joon. Sung Joon explained, “It’s something that happened because Suzy is famous… I didn’t think it was a big deal, but I woke up & my name was #1 on search engines. That is why it was burdensome, and I realized that I need lớn be careful with my actions… Following the dating rumors, I felt sorry to lớn Suzy, so I haven’t been contacting her.”  The gossip mill started because they starred in the same drama (“Gu Family Book”) and were photographed having dinner together even after the filming ended.


Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook is considered as one of the đứng đầu leading men in K-Dramas, having started his career as an extra in the year 1999. But soon he played big roles in hit after hit dramas & movies, garnering him not only fame but also a string of controversies with his lovely co-stars.

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Lee da Hae

Lee Dong Wook starred alongside Lee da Hae in “My Girl,” which was shown not only in Korea but also in other Asian countries. Their chemistry was so palpable that entertainment gossip shows started speculating there’s more to lớn their relationship than just being co-actors. Several fans followed their “love team” that producers casted them again in their second drama, “Hotel King.” In a candid TV interview, Lee domain authority Hae shared, “Let’s just say we have a deep friendship. Would the fans be upset about that? Then what should I do? Well, you can never tell between a man and a woman,” she finished, giving fans of the couple some hope that time.



Jessica is a former member of the popular girl group, Girl’s Generation và she starred alongside Lee Dong Wook in “Wild Romance.” But it seemed like they took their on-screen romance lớn real life và were spotted together several times, sparking constant rumors that the two were dating.


Gong Yoo

With the immense fame of the K-Drama “Goblin,” and the apparent “bromance” of Lee Dong Wook & heartthrob Gong Yoo, the two were rumored to be in a relationship! A Korean gossip site has also reported that the alleged couple spent time together in Taiwan. However, the two just laughed it off và said that the speculations are groundless.